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MÜNSTER – dreamy university city with international art potential

Münster is famous far beyond the city borders for its crime stories around Wilsberg and the “Tatort” police inspectors Boerne and Thiel. The historic city between Dortmund and Osnabrück also boasts cultural diversity in addition to its magnificent architectural works.

As a “site of the Peace of Westphalia”, the historic town hall of Münster was awarded the European Heritage Seal by the European Commission in 2015 as the site where the Thirty Years’ War ended. In addition, the city, which suffered more than 90 % destruction in the Second World War, was built architecturally similar to the original, such that the charm of the old town today illuminates the more than 40,000 students and countless cyclists.
The city is characterized by its cultural attractions. A total of 28 museums and five theatres are available for educating the Münsterländer culturally. Every ten years, the Skulptur.Projekte (Sculpture Projects) are held. An exhibition that invites artists to create art in public space, some of which remain in the city. In other words, you are in for a daily enjoyment of art and culture!
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