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BREMEN – The Hanseatic City of Statues and Stories

“Do you know what,” said the donkey, “I’m going to Bremen, to become a town musician.” The Hanseatic city is known above all for one thing – the town musicians. But there are also numerous other statues and their stories that the city on the Weser has to offer.

Bremen is characterized by the many sculptures of its four most important ambassadors in animal gown. But other historic dams also draw the cityscape. The Bremen Roland counts along with the town hall as World Heritage site and the legendary Sieben-Faulen-Brunnen reminds the legend of the Seven Lazy Brothers.
The Weser plays an important role in the history of the free Hanseatic city and also in today’s cultural life. The popular waterfront Schlachte invites you to stroll and feast. The Theaterschiff Bremen or the Museumshaven Vegesack let culture lovers experience the maritime flair at firsthand.
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