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© Uwe Gaasch

BAMBERG – Romantic World Heritage with Franconian quaintness

“Bamberg is such a beautiful city” – and its reputation is ahead of its time, as the UNESCO World Heritage Site delights visitors from all over the world with its rich diversity.

The charming town of Bamberg, built on seven hills, is situated directly in the Regnitz valley. The so-called island city forms the lively centre of the multifaceted city and extends between the left arm with Little Venice and the right arm, which was expanded to the Main-Danube Canal. The old Franconian imperial and episcopal city – also known as Franconian Rome – is an important economic centre of Upper Franconia, a UNESCO World Heritage city and the seat of the homonymous Archdiocese.
The resulting field of tension between economics, theology, culture and the arts has created unique structures that have existed for centuries. For example, the old town hall, decorated with facade paintings, is located on the Regnitz island and today houses the Ludwig collection. But probably the most famous historical building in Bamberg is the Romanesque four-towered Cathedral, one of the former imperial cathedrals. The old town offers a variety of listed buildings with medieval charm next to splendid Baroque architecture. In addition, eleven breweries in Bamberg’s city area invite for a beer, while the regional specialty smoked beer can be tasted in various beer cellars in the city.
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