Reach more visitors with a free PROXIPEDIA entry

PROXIPEDIA presents your museum or cultural attraction in the app and on the web platform. You can not reach your visitors more targeted while increasing your reach – and all being completely free.
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PROXIPEDIA – the platform for museums and cultural attractions

The PROXIPEDIA APP and web platform show your visitors which museums and other culturally relevant attractions are in their vicinity. As a free advertising medium and digital tool, the benefits of the platform especially lie in the wide range. Therefore, the more museums or cultural attractions participate, the greater the benefit for all.
Thus, the entry at PROXIPEDIA is always free.

Your PROXIPEDIA entry:

Takes only a few minutes

For the entry you only need a photo and the most important information of your museum.

Present your museum or cultural attraction of high quality

We ensure a consistent and attractive presentation of all entries.

Attracts potential visitors

Show your institution to the many users of the PROXIPEDIA platform.

Is basis for the use of the platform

Additional benefits of being able to extend the PROXIPEDIA entry.

Anzeige App Beschreibung Details

1. Photo of your museum

2. Description with up to 450 characters

3. Basic information such as opening hours, address and admission charges

It’s that easy

Watch the video on how to use the “museum entry” form and what information you can deposit.
More videos can be found on our YouTube channel:

Questions and answers

How can I become part of PROXIPEDIA?

The entry makes you part of the platform. This includes a photo, a brief description and basic information about your museum. By registering your museum you will receive your personal attraction ID.

What is the attraction ID required for?

The individual attraction ID will be sent to you as soon as your PROXIPEDIA entry is visible and used for identification.

What are basic information?

By this we mean all the information your visitors need. These include the address, opening hours and admission charges of your attraction. In order to ensure a uniform presentation of the museums on PROXIPEDIA, we maintain these information for you.

Can I change parts of my entry?

Of course. Just send us an e-mail with the updated information and the subject line "Your museum - Update data" to We will update your entry immediately.

What should a good photo look like?

The photo serves as a recognition image for your visitors. Therefore, it should show an exterior of the building, at best from the perspective of a pedestrian. Further information and examples of the recognition image can be found in our photo guide.

Why is it worthwhile becoming part of the platform?

PROXIPEDIA offers you a free marketing and PR tool. An attractively designed basic entry on the platform attracts a multitude of users to your museum, thus increasing your perception of potential visitors.

You also want to be listed on PROXIPEDIA?


Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We would like to help.

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Create your entry

Only takes a few minutes

Presented your museum high quality

Attracts potential visitors

Basis for using the platform