How does the world enter the child’s room?

Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen, Friedrichshafen

Books, building sets and screens

Special exhibition in the Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen
27 June – 17 March 2019

School or child’s room- or somewhere else? A look into the play and learning worlds of the centuries

In its current special exhibition, the School Museum Friedrichshafen asks itself and its visitors the question “Where did we really learn?”

Game meant already in the Stone Age appropriation of the world. And over the millennia, toys such as rattles, marbles or balls have only changed in material. It’s no secret: Who plays, learns! And learning has the purpose of appropriating the world around you. And that changes with the passage of time, of course.

Books, building sets or tin soldiers once brought the world into the child’s room. Today, tablets and tutorials have long been the buzzwords of the digital generation. From 27 June to 17 March 2019, the exhibition “How does the world enter the child’s room?” traces how useful knowledge was and is at best transported into the child’s room. With a view into the future, the school museum also addresses current exciting questions about digitisation in the child’s room and invites all visitors to active participation and discourse.

Exhibition contents from the Middle Ages to the future

The curators wanted to found out how and where children learned and learn outside school. The exhibition ranges from the Middle Ages to the present and into the future. Knights’ games, teaching in the age of humanism, technology and military for boys as well as household and fine arts for girls at the end of the 19th century, Americanisation of children’s rooms after the Second World War, Chernobyl as a catastrophe experience in the 1980s or robotization – the exhibition shows developments that clearly show how events, social values and ideologies are reflected in play and learning and found in children’s rooms.
In an interview film, different people have their say about where they really learned: The museum director was politicized by his parents’ house, the former teacher on the grandmother’s farm at a pragmatic distance from (farm) animals. During her school days, the architect learned how important the right architecture is for learning. And the former football professional actually learned what justice means even as a child on the football field.
In the unusual graphic design by Klaus Lürzer from Götzis / Vorarlberg, visitors take a journey through time and at the same time experience constants of knowledge transfer.

Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen


As one of the largest museums of its kind in Germany, the Schulmuseum Friedrichshafen offers an exciting journey through the history of the school. Three originally furnished schoolrooms from 1850, 1900 and 1930 and many, some very bizarre exhibits like pencil boxes, slate boards or fingerprinting machines let the visitor feel firsthand and experience how instruction was earlier.

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