Cultural Splint #48

The Museum Prize 2019 was awarded to Bern, nine studios for artists become available in Münster, also interesting lectures, exhibitions and guided tours in cultural sights await you again. Enjoy reading our selection in the current Cultural Splint!

Guided tour through the fashion tastes of the time

Clothing of the most different kind protects humans not only since ever against weather influences, but says at the same time much about the origin the sex and the social position of the wearer. The guided tour “Vom Bastschuh zur Trippe. Clothing customs in the change of the millennia” is dedicated to the fashion taste and beauty ideals of the respective epochs and will take place at the Archaeological State Museum Brandenburg on Sunday, 16 December. The guided tour takes place at 3 pm and is dedicated to the fashionable taste of our ancestors. There are no additional costs for the guided tour when you enter the museum.

Lorraine O´Gradys first exhibition outside the USA

The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg will open the edition “Cutting Out CONYT” by Lorraine O’Grady on Saturday, 15 December at 6 pm. As one of the most interesting representatives of America’s conceptual art, Lorraine O’Grady has repeatedly explored themes such as discrimination, feminism, self-assertion, and the problems of minorities.
The exhibition presented in Wolfsburg comprises a series of collages in which O’Grady compiled excerpts from successive Sunday editions of the New York Times from 5 June to 20 November, 1977 into poems. It is the artist’s first solo exhibition in a museum outside the USA. The exhibition runs until 28 April 2019.

Museum of Communication wins European Museum Award 2019

The renowned Museum Prize 2019 of the Cultural Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) was awarded to the Museum of Communication in Bern. The successful concept of the communicators as well as the dynamic exhibition contents were particularly highlighted by the jury. In the way it inspires visitors to reflect critically on today’s world and its multiple effects through new technologies and new forms of communication. According to Nino Goguadze, representative of the Museum Prize Committee, the museum stands out as a very interactive, participatory, accessible, multisensory, playful, open and democratic house.
The winner will receive a diploma and a bronze statue by Joan Miró, who is allowed to exhibit it for one year.

Lecture for children at the Volkssternwarte Paderborn

On Friday, 14 December, the Volkssternwarte Paderborn invites you to the lecture “Astronomy for Children – Stars, Nebulae and Black Holes” by Sigrid Haak. Young “stargazers” will be given fascinating insights into the fantastic world of astronomy and space travel at 6:30 pm. With the telescope different kinds of stars and other objects can be recognized. But somewhere in the vastness of space you can also find spectacular gas nebulae, distant Milky Way systems or the famous “black holes”. What’s the deal with them? Admission to the lecture is three euros. Further information can be found at

Nine studios to be awarded at Münster harbour

Until Friday,  4 January 2019, young artists have the opportunity to apply for one of the nine studios at Münster’s city harbour. The publicly funded work opportunities are available to young, professionally working artists, graduates of the Art Academy or studio communities at affordable conditions. Four of the studios, ranging in size from 45 to 108 square metres, can already be occupied by 30 June. By 31 July, two studios will be available, both 40 square metres each. One each for 31 August and 30 September and one with 96 square metres, which will be available from 30 November. Applications for the one- to two-storey rooms in the renovated former granary will be accepted by the municipal cultural office by the closing date. More information and the exposé can be found at

Public guided tour of the Thirty Years War at the Museum Nienburg

On Sunday, 16 December, the Museum Nienburg offers a public guided tour as part of the exhibition “Gott erbarme es – Der Dreißigjährige Krieg an der Mittelweser” (God has mercy – The Thirty Years’ War on the Middle Weser). From the museum’s collection, the special exhibition shows weapons and armor components in particular. Numerous loans from the Nienburg City Archives and the Hanover State Archives complete the presentation. The themes of the tour include the siege of Nienburg by Tilly and the occupation by the Swedish troops. The tour starts at 3 pm in the Fresenhof (Leinstraße 48), registration is not necessary. The entrance fee to the exhibition is 2 € per person.

Christmas guided tours by candlelight

The Cistercian Museum in Walkenried Monastery will be particularly atmospheric for you with its guided candlelight tours. The one-hour tour begins in front of the impressive backdrop of the Gothic church ruins and then leads through the unique cloister. You will learn about the skills of the Walkenried men of God and the history of their monastery during their walk through the medieval walls in the warm light of hundreds of candles. The tour is also very exciting for children. The dates for the guided tours over Christmas and New Year can be found at The next guidance takes place on Saturday, 15 December. The admission amounts to 9 euro for adults and 7 euro reduced. A reservation for the guided tour is not necessary for individuals and for groups guided tours are also possible at other times.

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