Cultural Splint #45

This cultural splint is all about digitalization, secrets, provenance, communication and silence. We hope you enjoy discovering the exciting exhibitions and events!


Silence in all its beauty and cruelty

In its new exhibition, the Museum für Kommunikation in Bern shows that silence is not for cowards! Until 7 July 2019, the exhibition “Sounds of Silence” will allow you to discover a novelty in Switzerland and experience the value of silence in a three-dimensional listening experience.
The scarce resource that everyone is fighting about today is attention. The attention of potential users and consumers is being sought with a great deal of effort. We are overwhelmed with information and offers. But silence becomes a rare and precious commodity during this fireworks display. The museum remains true to the innovation in this exhibition and offers an intuitive experience with its three-dimensional audio landscape. Explore silence in its various facets, discover both the everyday and the unexpected about noise and the beautiful and terrible aspects of silence. The Museum für Kommunikation Bern offers more information on its website.


Special exhibition “Secret. A social phenomenon”

Since humans have lived together secrets have existed and their history is linked to social development. The Museum für Kommunikation Berlin is dedicating a current special exhibition to them until 10 March 2019. The exhibition “Secrets. A Social Phenomenon” aims above all at the changed meaning of secrets in times of social networks, new forms of communication, surveillance on the one hand, and the strongly demanded transparency of politics and economy on the other. The exhibition explores the interplay of transparency and protection, of power and trust as well as of personal freedom and social responsibility and takes you into the world of secrets. Further information can be found on the homepage of the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin.


Contemporary Art and the Change in Information Reception

Until Sunday, 18 November, you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition “News Flash. #message #socialmedia #artists” at the Kunsthaus im KunstKulturQuartier Nürnberg. News recording has changed fundamentally in recent years due to the use of smartphones and social media. Today it is possible for us to experience news quasi in real time via the social media, no longer only via the classic information channels and media such as print products, television and radio as well as their online offerings, which by their institutional nature already require a certain amount of time to spread news.
The international group exhibition deals exactly with this topic. It wonders what changes “real-time” transmission brings with it. And how contemporary art reacts to these changes in image, language and interpretation through the social media.
The artists question the degree of emotionalization and the transgression of boundaries between privacy and the public sphere as well as the staging of news. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge.


Man as an Object of Interest in Art and Science

The ERES Foundation Munich will open the exhibition “BODYSCAN – Anatomy in Art and Science” on 20 November at 7 pm. With this special exhibition, the Foundation offers its visitors a multi-layered view of the human being and focuses on the technical-artistic representation of the human body.
Pieces from the Renaissance and Baroque are combined with contemporary art positions, and works by artists such as Ed Atkins, Meret Oppenheim and Jeff Wall are lined up in an unusual mix of anatomical teaching models, pop cultural objects and science fiction film sequences. In the exhibition, you can also travel with VR glasses into the network of biometric body data sets or learn about groundbreaking new imaging techniques such as cinematic rendering. You can visit the exhibition until 2 March 2019. You can register for the vernissage by sending an e-mail to or calling 089/388 79 0 79. Further information can be found on the website of the ERES Foundation.


Exhibitions and guided tours in the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

On Sunday, 18 November at 11 am the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen is organizing a guided tour through the exhibition “The Obligation of Ownership. An Art Collection under Scrutiny”, which can be seen until 6 January 2020. The Zeppelin Museum, too, has recently devoted itself intensively to the eventful history of the works of art in its collection and makes the fates of collectors visible in the exhibition and guided tour.

And at 2 pm the guided tour “Technology and Art at a Glance” will take place. During which you will feel like a Zeppelin passenger in 1936. You will explore the reconstructed passenger rooms of LZ 129 Hindenburg and the Zeppelin. Of course, you will also learn everything about the history and technology of the airships. The guided tours are open to the public and cost 1 Euro in addition to the required admission ticket to the museum.

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