Cultural Splint #40

This is our 40th cultural splint! And how quickly the year passes by, now Christmas articles are available again and the art and cultural landscape is preparing for the rainy season with a rich program!

Clemenswerth Castle celebrates intangible cultural heritage

At Clemenswerth Castle, the drag hunt will take place for the 60th time on Sunday, 23 September. The event will open at 11 am with a Hubertus fair in the open air. The fair is intended for humans and animals and dog owners, hunters and falconers are cordially invited to have their animal companions blessed. The anniversary drag hunt starts at approx. 1:30 pm, after on the castle place already a lunch snack was offered. On the 15 kilometers long distance no animal is hunted and killed, but a smell trace from Heringslake is pursued, which was put by the preceding Schleppenlegern as track. The only preserved hunting star is the start and end point of the traditional event about the Hümmlingen. Interested visitors can enjoy a varied program up to the return of the riders at about 4:30 pm. At about 5 pm the drag hunt with the traditionally blown halali, the oak quarry for the riders and the cattle pansies for the pack of dogs will be concluded.
The event is supported by the Emsländischen Landschaft e.V. as an important intangible cultural heritage worthy of promotion. Admission to the fair and the drag hunt is free. Regular museum admission applies to the museum. All information is available at

Last public costume tour this season

The last public costume tour for the whole family in the Museum Lindwurm this season is imminent.
On Sunday, 7 October at 2.30 pm, you have the last opportunity to be guided through the museum’s collection by the maid of the house and to immerse yourself in the world around 1850. Here you can learn lively stories about the house and its former owners. The maid tells exciting stories and funny anecdotes. This way you will not only learn what the owners fed and where the servants slept. It also explains how the wheat was ground and where the sausages were smoked. Children can dress up with clothes from the 19th century or lie in the maid’s bed for a rehearsal.
You can announce yourselves for the guidance under or +41 (0)52 741 25 12.

Photographs by Dieter Hacker on EMOP – European Month of Photography

The exhibition “Dieter Hacker – political photography (1974-1981)” opens on Friday, 28 September at 6 pm in the Bröhan Museum as part of the EMOP – European Month of Photography. In times of Facebook and Instagram, the questions about the power and impotence of image floods, the photo as an instrument of self-dramatization, are more topical than ever. In the 1970s, the artist Dieter Hacker intensively occupied himself with amateur photography. He conceived exhibitions of analog photos of various private individuals and published the magazine “Volksfoto.Zeitung für Fotografie”. The installations thematized the relationship between the individual and the masses, between the private sphere and the public sphere. Art and waste. His own photographs also commented on the bourgeoisie of the FRG. Thus this exhibition pays tribute to Hacker’s photographic work. Hacker was already one of the few German artists of his generation to recognize in 1974 what still determines the discourse today: “Because obviously the narcissistic element is important in photography. So to see oneself in the photo or what belongs to one; to find one’s own demands on the photo confirmed by the photo” (Hacker, 1974). Until 27 January 2019, you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition.

Intercultural Weeks in Bayreuth

The “Intercultural Weeks” started in Bayreuth on Sunday, 15 September. At the same time, the Kunstmuseum Bayreuth will present an exhibition with the mediation project with and for fugitives “Citizens from here, there and there”. The project exists since 2016 and is supported by the Free State of Bavaria. Until 26 October, you can experience a very varied program within the framework of the “intercultural weeks” and take part in a wide variety of events. Further information and the program can be found at

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz opens two special exhibitions

The Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz will be opening two very different exhibitions over the next few days.
From Sunday, 23 September to 6 January 2019, the museum will present the exhibition “Carlfriedrich Claus und Ilse und Pierre Garnier – Sprachblätter-poésie spatiale”. It shows an unusually close and productive friendship between Carlfriedrich Claus and the French artist couple Ilse and Pierre Garnier. The exhibition comprises around 180 works from almost four decades, letters, artist books, portfolios and artist magazines. Among them are parts of Claus’ complete estate, which will be preserved in the Carlfriedrich Claus Archive Foundation, as well as a generous donation of original portfolio works to the Carlfriedrich Claus Archive by Violette Garnier, daughter of Ilse and Pierre Garnier, which will be presented to the public for the first time.

From Saturday, 29 September to 6 January 2019, the exhibition “Thomas Meier-Castel. large etchings” will be shown. On the tenth anniversary of the death of the artist Thomas Meier-Castel (1949-2008), a selection of his works will be presented. The artist occupies an independent and unmistakable position in contemporary graphic art in Germany, translating the technique of etching into the language of the present. His large-format works required a made-to-measure printing press and, with their delicate beauty, stand in unexpected contrast to the hard work of their production and the effort of printing.

Guided tours at Schloss Solitude

Two special tours invite you to discover Schloss Solitude on Friday, 21 and Saturday, 22 September. While on Friday “unknown paths lead through the castle and onto the dome” and you can enjoy exciting glimpses behind the scenes of the pleasure castle as well as a magnificent view. On Saturday at 3.30 pm, the “Director of the ducal gardens” Johann Caspar Schiller welcomes you. The father of the classic poet ran a pioneering research institute for fruit tree cultivation here for many years.
If you would like to take part in the guided tours, please register by calling 0711 696699.

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